Thursday, March 04, 2010

A girl named Dani. By Dani Restuccia

Jason and I were out with Dani tonight and bought her the latest book that just came out in a series that she loves. However, on the way to the car, she started getting lippy with Jason and so we took the book away and told her she couldn't have it back until could be nice. To try to improve her mood, she asked Jason to tell her a story. So Jason made one up, and afterwards, she asked for another, I suggested she tell US a story.

Dani: Once there was a girl. Her name was Dani. She got a book and then she was mean to her Dad and her parents took it away from her.

Me: Wait! That's not a story! That just happened.

Dani: Its NONFICTION!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Literary Genius

Following are a few of the great literary works to come out of our family in the last few weeks. Dani's book is a work close to her heart that he has been working on in her free time. Evan's was an assignment at school, which turned out surprisingly well, considering the fact that he hates writing!

A Plan - Book of One of the Trilogy by Dani Restuccia

*chapter 1* When dan was 16 he had to do a very importent mission and it was a very dangerous mission about who kidnapped the famous book author Erik conderson Dan's big brother and Erik wrote about Dan's dangerous adenvenders but now Dan was very worried about his brother now! *chapter 2* Dan was going to do a missin to save Erik... in Dan's nightmare he saw Erik dead, Dan yelled no! Dan jumped out of bed and scrambled to get his white shirt, and black pants and a shiny rie on his neck. *chapter 3* Dan ran as fast as he can run to Erik's room that the FBI agent told him to look around Erik's room to see any signs of Erik before he was kidnapped and went out of sight for days and night, and then weeks turned into months. Dan was searching for signs o fhis brother but Dan had not found any clues not even one of them was finished. Dan was to lock up Erik's bedroom door. *chapter 4* Dan had gotten tickets to airazonato find Erik. Dan was bording the airplane he was not going to give up on the sherch for Erik yet. Dan hated Erik because Erik made Dan mad like once Erik smacked Dan in the behind. *chapter 5* Dan's airplane landed at 4:30. Dan had dinner next. Then he started to look for Erik. Dan did not succeed. So Dan did not find Erik. THE END of book one of the new trilagy kidnapped. look out for book two of kiddnapped, Dan is going to find Erick. book 2 coming out march 16.

The Boy Who was Really Smart by Evan Restuccia

In a land far, far away, there was Jon and the giant. In a land far, far away there was a boy named Jon. He was a verry young boy. He wore a red sweter and riped jenes and he had a lot of freckles. He had blue eyes. He lived in a lost plase in a forest with no house or castle or cave. One day he met a giant. He was verry grumpy! His name was Big Head. Big Head pulled Jon's head off. He tryed to get it back so he disied (decided) to take his food and climed up the giant and pulled Big Head's head. Then... the giant screamed! Jon's head came up and he cot it. he put it back on. So he jumped off his head and got a laser and scared the giant off and never saw him agen. He lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine

Evan brought this valentine home from school for me today:

Inside it reads: I love my parents. Thanks for cooking food for us. Without it we would be dead. Thanks for folding the londy, makeing us a home, diner, lunch, and most of all I like when you tickle me. Thanks for letting me read Percy Jackson."

Probably the BEST valentine I've ever received in my whole life.

Family Fun Day

We took the kids to see The Lightening Thief yesterday. Dani read the book a few months ago and has been DYING to see it ever since. Emily and I have also read it and Dani made Jason read it in prepration for the big event. Evan, not to be outdone, also started to read it the day before we went, but as its a little over his reading level, it has been slow going and he had only plowed through 2 chapters by the time we went to the movie.

We thought we'd be really smart and get there ON TIME for the movie, so we wouldn't have to sit in the very front row. We should have planned to get there 30 minutes early, as the show was completely sold out and even though we got tickets, we couldn't find seats together, so we traded in our 1:35 tickets for a showing at 4:10 and went out to kill some time. We did a little shopping and had an early dinner at Sonic and then made it to the theater, yes, 3o minutes early for the show.

I should probably state that watching movies with my boys is torture. They ask questions constantly and it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep them quiet. Somehow I always forget this. Perhaps I am a little oversensitive on this point since they were shushed by a couple of cranky old ladies when we saw A Christmas Carol a few months ago. So we started out the movie with me quietly and insistently urging the boys to WHISPER, PLEASE WHISPER!!!! But of course, Evan, having read two whole chapters of the book and was an expert on all things Percy Jackson and was explaining everything that was happening to me with no attempt to keep his voice down. The row in front of us, to my relief, was very amused, rather than wanting to kill us. One lady turned around the tell me that she thought he was hilarious and asked how old he was. I could see several people laughing at him. Finally, once we got past the events of the two chapters he'd read, he quieted down and asked only occasional loud questions. At the end of the movie, Brendan piped up, "They're happy! Its a happy ending!" which also got chuckles from 30 or 40 people in front of us. The kids all enjoyed the movie, though Dani was baffled by the fact that the movie didn't follow the book exactly. I think I will avoid taking the family to the movies on opening weekends in the future though. We risk annoying fewer people.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Belly Hug

This reminds me so much of my brothers that I am afraid for the future.....


Saturday, July 04, 2009


I swear, this was initiated by Brendan. I am not trying to torture him. He found la lemon and went on and on and on about how much he loves lemons.

Brendan: Where did you get this mom? From the lemon store?

Me: Sure, Bren, the lemon store.

Bren: I love the cool lemon store! I want to eat this lemon mom.

Me: I don't think you'll like it.

Bren: I will! I love them!

Me: Ok...

Bren: Squeeze the juice, please.

And so I did... and this is the result. Evan is also on the video. Just a bonus. ALSO, insisting just how much he LOVES lemon juice.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Ladies Man

Brendan just came in from the garage to tell me:

Bren: Mom! I just saw a girl! And she said HI to me!
Me: Wow... what a nice girl.
Bren: Yeah. And girls love me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TA DA!!!

Dani got her braces off today! She was very concerned about the process, but made it through with out any major mishaps -- though i did hear a little girl in the back literally screaming "Ow! NO! Don't do it again!" I didn't recognize it as Dani's voice though so I didn't worry. I did think Dani would be a little happer about the removal, but when she came up to me, she said in way that those who know her can envision, head down, voice quavering, "They put a retainer in my mouth and I have to wear it for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!" I assured her that it probably wouldn't be for the whole rest of her life -- Aunt Rach is 28 and when her permanant retainer broke, they just removed it! So we're probably only looking at 20 years...

Here are the amazing before and afters!

Looks like it worked! Supposedly we'll face another round of braces in a few years, but in the meantime.... Emily has an appointment next week!